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1. Providing individual and group counseling sessions

2. Facilitating skill building activities 

3. Providing employment services to improve employment status and income

4. Providing housing stabilization services;

5. Facilitating health and wellness

6. Conducting education sessions on money management 

7. Providing a safe and supportive environment through a therapeutic community

8. Participating in 12-Step programming. 

Covenant Community, Inc. will be a successful life stabilization program for homeless addicted men; transforming lives through building and creating relationships with community support. Our mission is to provide the tools and resources to help our clients achieve personal life-stabilization and employment; enabling them to return to their families and the community as productive citizens.  

Strategic Plan 

Our Vision

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide resources and tools to help our clients achieve personal life stabilization and full-time employment, enabling them to return to their families & communities as productive citizens. 

Covenant Community, Inc. accomplishes its mission by:

Covenant Community, Inc. (CCI) is an intensive residential program for men experiencing homelessness and recovering from alcohol and/or substance abuse. CCI is licensed by the Georgia Department of Community Health as a Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Program and is approved to provide residential intensive treatment programming for a capacity of 14. CCI is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation (CARF) and the Georgia Association of Recovery Residences (GARR). CCI uses a therapeutic community model to assist its residents in overcoming their addictive disorders and to return to productive, self-sufficient functioning in society. The program operates at two locations. The primary facility is located at 623 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia. This location is a 14-bed facility that includes a kitchen area, common dining and living areas, dorms, fitness area and spaces for individual and group sessions. The second facility is a 9-bed transitional house in Atlanta, Georgia.

Each resident receives a minimum of five (5) hours of services per week, as outlined in contractual requirements from the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. Services include individual counseling, process groups, psycho-education groups, case management, housing assistance, financial education, career development, 12-Step programming and positive leisure and recreational activities. 

Goal 1 of 5

Evaluate, stabilize, strengthen and develop programming based upon leading practices within the industry to ensure high quality services.


a. Program: 


Objective 1: Devise a stabilization and growth plan to include a focus on increasing quality of programming with the interest of increasing number of clients served each year.

Objective 2: Maintain CARF accreditation for Community Housing, Therapeutic Communities, Community Employment Services Employment Supports, Community Employment Services Job Development and Employee Development Services.

Objective 3: Obtain CARF accreditation for the Day Treatment program. 

Objective 4: Ensure that the Sterne House is located in a “safe” community. 

Objective 5: Decide on whether or not to either rent, purchase, or build a facility for the Sterne House. 

Objective 6: Maintain compliance with expectation outcomes from the City of Atlanta Reimbursement grant and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities contract.

Objective 7: Complete an organization assessment which focuses on quality improvement and organizational excellence. 

Objective 8: Develop an appropriate step-down process for residents.

Program Description

Goal 2 of 5

Ensure the health of Covenant Community, Inc. by maintaining highly skilled, talented, dynamic and dedicated Board of Directors and Staff.  

a. Governance and the Board of Directors:


Objective 1: Maintain an effective Board of Directors that provides governance and fiscal oversight.

Objective 2: Develop on-boarding process for Board of Directors to include orientation and training opportunities. 

Objective 3: Evaluate existing Board of Directors skills to ensure the best use of Board Member talent, and to identify if there are any talent gaps. 

Objective 4: Ensure Board dynamics reflect By-Laws.

b. Staff:


Objective 5: Provide staff with comprehensive training, continuing education and development opportunities.

Objective 6: Ensure the quality and sustainability of staff by providing challenging, interesting work and reasonable compensation.

Goal 3 of 5

Establish and promote the brand of Covenant Community, Inc. as a community leader in the industry of recovery and life-stabilization. 

a. Visibility:

Objective 1: Redesign and update the Covenant Community, Inc. website to include modern web-design elements such as responsive hero images, background and featured videos, easy navigation, etc.  

Objective 2: Increase activity on relevant social media platforms.

Objective 3: Increase membership in industry associations at the local, state and national level.

Objective 4: (The Director) Participate in an industry association at the local, state and/or national level as an association officer/leader.

Objective 5: Participate in advocacy activities and advocacy events. 

Objective 6: Devise a core message that conveys the values and quality of Covenant Community, Inc. that can be easily translated into a media message, slogan, and elevator speech, etc. 

Goal 4 of 5

Increase revenue through a rigorous and purposeful fund raising agenda for 2017-20.

a. Diversity:

Objective 1: Establish new funding sources through partnerships with governmental entities, religious/spiritual communities within the Greater Atlanta Metro Area, religious/spiritual communities throughout the nation, corporations, foundations, larger events, small events, direct mail and online giving campaigns.

  Objective 2: Establish a partnership with an organization that specializes in fundraising to provide consultation and support regarding effective fundraising.  

Objective 3: Establish an awareness campaign spearheaded by the Board of Directors, to include support from Advisory Council, staff and others. 

Objective 4: Increase volunteers and establish a volunteer network. 

b. Oversight and Accountability

Objective 5: Develop an energetic fundraising committee spearheaded by the Board of Directors.

Objective 6: Establish a Development Calendar to include all fundraising activities.

Objective 7: Maintain sound fiscal controls and oversight of budget.

Objective 8: Conduct a Spring Campaign each year.

Goal 5 of 5

Develop and implement a systemic process to collect and use data to evaluate and improve decision making and services.


a. Performance:


Objective 1: Identify appropriate data to collect and report for use in decision-making, performance tracking and monitoring, trend analysis, issues identification and resolution.

Objective 2: Establish reporting mechanisms which reflect current trends within the industry.

GARRcert (1).png


CCI has been granted a 3 year accreditation for the following program(s)/service(s):

-Therapeutic Communities: alcohol and other drugs/addictions (adults) 

-Community Employment Services: employment support

-Community Employment Services: Job Development

-Employment Development Services

This accreditation is valid through: May 31, 2022

CCI has been certified by GARR having met and displayed the professional and ethical standards set forth by GARR.  


This certification is valid through: March 9, 2022. 

CCI has been awarded a GDCH permit to maintain and operate a drug abuse treatment and education program. Approval is granted to provide the following program - 14 beds for adults. 


Permit # 060-403-D

Commission on Accreditation of Recovery Facilities

Georgia Department of Community Health


Georgia Association of Recovery Residences 

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