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Resident Insight Dinner

Thank you for your willingness to break bread with our men in residence!


Watch the video below to learn more! 


















We typically have a capacity of up to 14 residents and 1 staff member, so please prepare for 15 to be on the safe side. Dietary Restrictions are posted as necessary. Please note, if residents have work, school or other obligations on your scheduled night and are unable to dine with you, don't worry the meal will not go to waste. We are always grateful for meals prepared by our Friends of Covenant. 


Please review the available slots below to sign up!

*Note: Insight Dinners are available on Mondays only
















































Frequently Asked Questions

-Do people need to bring paper plates, utensils and napkins? NO 

-Whats days are Resident Insight Dinners available? Mondays Only

-Do people need to bring serving utensils? NO

-Do people need to bring ice for the drinks? Optional 

-What time should people arrive? Arrive between 5:45pm to set up. Dinner 6pm-8pm. 

-Where should we park? Gravel Parking lot on the side of the building. Do not park at the Varsity or you will be towed. 

Thank you for your support!

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