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Families of Hope

When families take an active role in recovery, everyone benefits.

Coming in 2023

We’re excited to announce that, in 2023, we will be launching Families of Hope to support the families of individuals struggling with addiction. Most relapses occur within the first three years of sobriety due to inadequate support systems. Families of Hope will facilitate dialogue and educate family members to play a supportive role in their loved ones’ recovery.

Accountability → Growth

By promoting informed, effective communication between family members, Families of Hope will help lay a foundation for loving and mutually supportive relationships that destigmatize recovery and expose younger family members to the effects of substance use.

Families of Hope will support individuals recovering from addiction by:

  • Providing each family member with a unique treatment program.

  • Addressing and mitigating family triggers.

  • Healing family trauma.

  • Reduce the likelihood of generational substance use.

  • Teaching families how to communicate with one another about addiction, as well as prepare for the inevitable challenges and setbacks


If you have any questions about the Men of Hope program, please contact or call 404-267-4294.

Men of Hope

Families of Hope will be an extension of our successful Men of Hope model. To learn more about Men of Hope, click on the link below.

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