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Mental Health Awareness Month Podcast
What does mental health mean to you?

Mental Health Awareness Month
Tearra Blankinship

Mental Health Awareness Month
Dawn Morgan

Mental Health Awareness Month
James - Man Of Hope 

Mental Health Awareness Month
Charles Varner - SUD Counselor 

A Chat With Jennifer Powell


A Chat With Christine and Kevin

CCI Takes On Thanksgiving 2019 

Mercy's Tips:
Episode 1 (How To Ask For Help)

Our 25th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner was one of our most successful and we wanted to show you all of the behind-the-scenes moments leading up to the big day.

Welcome to Episode 1 of Mercy's Tips: Asking for Help. Every month, our Clinical Director Merceline Mutiso, will be releasing mini-episodes with tips on all things recovery.

Covenant Community GA Gives Day 2019 

Mercy's Tips: Episode 2

(How To Stay Sober During The Holidays)

In episode 2 of Mercy's Tips, Mercy discusses how to stay sober during the holidays. 

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