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CCI connects individuals to the people and resources necessary to sustain their recovery during treatment and beyond.



One hundred percent of those who complete the program are discharged into stable housing and receive higher than minimum wage.



Eighty percent of men admitted to Covenant complete the program successfully and, as Men of Hope, inspire those who come after.

Men of Hope

Helping men stabilize their lives, find employment, and return to their families.


Residential Treatment

At our 14-bed residential facility, we provide case management services, individual and group counseling, health and wellness opportunities, career development, 12-Step programming, and positive recreational activities.

Transitional Support

At our transitional living facility, we help participants secure stable housing, improve financial literacy, and connect with a growing community of men committed to recovery and helping others pursue lives of purpose.

"I knew if I didn’t stop, I was going to die."

The Men of Hope program serves individuals suffering from substance use disorders. It’s difficult to overstate the anguish of being on a destructive path and unable to turn away. The most powerful tools we can offer such individuals are community and hope. At Covenant, nobody walks alone. 

Click below to learn more about some of our Men of Hope.

Celebration of Memories and Hope

Each year we host a Celebration of Memories and Hopes honoring recent graduates of the residential program as they take their place among the Covenant Community Men of Hope. Together, we enjoy food, music, and inspiration as we celebrate these men’s stories and the impact their successes have had on their families and communities.

Click below to see photos from past celebrations.

Apply Today

If you are interested in participating in the Men of Hope program, click the link below to apply and learn more about the program requirements.

Families of Hope

The Families of Hope program has successfully launch. The families of our residents now receive  substance use education, family anonymous meetings, and barrier reducing support.

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